Every Happy Family needs a Good Home

We help them create one

Good lifestyles should not be hard. We want to make home care easy and convenient for every happy family out there.
Through our vast range of high-quality, innovative products we simplify the daily maintenance of homes while promoting a healthy, clean, and delightful living environment.

Taking TTK legacy forward

Being one of the brands within the extensive TTK family of consumer goods, our mission and dedication are an extension of TTK's work toward making every family healthier and happier.

Here are a few values we inherited from TTK

High Quality

Our dedication to quality is similar to the care you have for your family. There are no compromises at any cost.


Just like how you find newer ways to surprise and safeguard your families we are committed to driving new ideas forward to make your lifestyle great!


Convenience is at the forefront of our product design. Everyday tasks must be easier for you and your family.

Value for Money

We believe home care should be highly affordable and accessible, for it is also the foundation of a healthy family.

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TTK Healthcare believes in grooming talent early and providing challenging career paths and leadership roles.
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